The uncomfortable nature of clutter

I don’t like staying in my home. I noticed this the other day as I escaped and realized that I immediately relaxed as soon as I walked out the door. As I was driving to the most awesome nursery ever, The Great Outdoors, I was musing over my inability to relax at home. And I believe it’s because of clutter.

Yep. Clutter.

I have too much sh*t piled in corners, stuffed onto shelves and cabinets, and falling out of closets. And all that clutter makes me tense. I have to clean it, dust it, organize it, find homes for all of it, and generally keep track of it and take care of it.

But not for much longer. My new plan: get rid of 50% of the stuff that is crammed into my home. That’s my goal. Free the space and free the mind. Armed with FlyLady and determination, I think it will take me several months to accomplish. And just like I’m trying to lose the extra weight I have been carrying, I expect that losing all this clutter in my house will also make me feel lighter and happier.

Along the lines of streamlining and living a simpler life, I’m very curious about “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta. I haven’t ordered it yet from amazon, but the idea has been moving around in my head a lot lately so I’m sure I’ll be ordering it soon.

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