Joy is Thought

More randomness from a notebook, this time from 2010:

“Joy is thought,” he said.

I sat up suddenly for this simple statement — the words — seemed to carry physical impact.

“Joy is thought?” I asked. “It’s what I choose to think, choose to feel.” The puzzle pieces were falling into place in my head. “It’s whatever glasses I choose to put on.”

“Yes,” he said calmly in stark contrast to my excitement. “That’s why I can’t give you any Absolute Truths. Life is subjective. And you,” here he emphasized you as he continued, “choose the focus, direction and filter of the lens.”

I sighed and leaned back against him, saying, “It’s a lovely idea on paper, but it doesn’t get the dishes clean.”

He chuckled softly. “Your vision is still blurry,” he said. “You still don’t see how thoughts create. Thoughts shape everything: fear, love, belief, hope, trust.”

Life without goals is aimless and sad. Life with only goals is regimental and sad. Like so many things in life, balance is required. Goals and aspiration must be balanced with leisure and slow-paced awareness. And alternatively, leisure and slow-paced awareness must be balanced with goals, aspiration and hard, focused work.

The two modes of living, when combined, create a joyful, claimed life.

Too much drudgery in To Do lists.
Missing the joy and play.
Structure and Fluidity combined
— Balance

You take what is real and make it real.

One day I’ll actually write a cohesive, complete book instead of various notebooks filled with random vignettes.

One thought on “Joy is Thought”

  1. Really enjoyed this thought. Have been experiencing this balancing act of achieving goals & aspirations while remaining joyful and calm. Truly appreciate your note and will have to repost, continue to explore and share! Also…found this blog from the DIY planner 2011 journal pages, I use the ones you created and they serve to inspire me greatly and organize my lifestyle daily. You’ve created this balance for me and I appreciate it. Hope to see one for 2012, if so, contact me! Cheers Comrad!

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