Doodling is important

I have always doodled while thinking. I used to draw goofy pictures, but as an adult, my doodling has changed to random words and phrases. I found these doodles all over a notebook from 2009:

What do you see through the eye of a needle?
I see me.
I see eternity.

Beautiful, peaceful monk
of the dawn
Touching the breath
of the morning life

We co-create.
Allow it to happen.

Hard work and discipline
— What’s down that road?

I touched heaven
and it was fire and love.
The light is the way.
The path is illuminated.
The words are the map.

I am already naked

There was a road
and I didn’t know how to walk it.

If we define art as a beautiful and inspiring act then
Life is art.
Every moment spent truly living
is creation.

My Dreams are often nebulous and beautiful;
they are a Monet of emotions and colors.

Have faith in your doodles. They are windows.

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